Murals For Missions & Inspirational Art

Inspirational Art

Kimi believes that art is a God given gift and loves creating images that communicate truth and life. She has painted along with a group of Christian Artists called Glorify. Glorify has painted at churches, for individuals and mostly as a form of worship.
Inspirational Art - A collection of Inspirational art canvases....

Murals for Missions

The vision of Murals for Missions is to bring inspirational art into an areas of the world that are in need. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to a long lasting Mural that can bring joy through visual art and express a message to any culture. As well as painting the is Kimi's goal to train up artists in areas of the world to create murals and develop their art skills. Kimi painted at an orphanage in Zambia. It was inspiring to see the impact it had on the children & the art skills the kids were taught.
Murals For Missions Zambia A collection of photos from Africa